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Zack Elliott is a contemporary folk artist based in Bolton, Ontario. His biggest influences are the likes of Gregory Alan Isakov, Iron & WineCity and Colour, and The Tallest Man on Earth. Zack creates music, which regularly features intricate fingerpicking, combines melancholy-laced melodies with poetic, evocative writing. He hopes his music can meet listeners where they are and make them feel less isolated in their life experiences. 

After having played various instruments throughout his childhood and adolescence, Zack began writing songs during the onset of the COVID-19 lockdowns. During this time, he wrote and recorded several songs in his home studio, 6 of which formed his debut EP 'Caught Half Alive'. He independently released this project in March 2021 which has since garnered over 11.5k streams.  

It's been said that the project:


"Creates a distinct dream-like atmosphere... with striking imagery" and "celebrates that mystery in which our physical sense can lead us to exotic places" - Dr. K. Telford, Daemen University

Zack performs consistently around Southern Ontario and has just concluded a short-run tour thorugh Ottawa, Montréal, and Toronto with his trio "The Vanishing Pheasants". He also has broken into the festival and conference circuit, performing at Gussapolooza 2022 and showcasing at the 2022 Folk Music Ontario Conference, 2022 NERFA Conference, and is currently seeking out more of these opportunities. He is in the process of demoing songs for a new project to release in April 2024. He continues to develop his artistry with the Canadian Musicians Co-op and the 2023 cohort of the RBC Artscape Launchpad Music Entrepreneurship Program. Zack's following has grown as he continues to engage with his 11.6k+ social media followers and regularly live-streams on TikTok. 

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Zack Elliott 2023
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